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NeosGuard Plus
For Lone Workers

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Practical and functional for all-round safety

Security is quality of life.

NeosGuard Plus is a man down device with a state of the art GPS, small, light, wearable and easy to handle and a powerful long-lasting battery.

It has the basic functions of a mobile phone and a GPS receiver, for this reason it is the ideal solution for locating people and things.

Zero worries configuration!

Don’t want to waste time setting it up? We take care of everything, we can send you the device ready for use.

Simply fill out the setup form and we’ll ship it to your pre-configured address. All you have to do is insert the sim card inside, and the Neosguard plus man down device will be ready to protect you or the people close to you.

Watch the Video Presentation and Explanation of the NeosGuard Plus Device

NeosGuard Plus

The NeosGuard Plus man down device is a revolutionary state of the art satellite locator that contains all useful and necessary functions for safety, protection and safeguard of people, things and animals.

Man down alarm

In the event of a fall, the integrated sensor detects the change of inclination from the initial position which, once exceeded, activates the desired alarm. The angle of inclination can also be customized. Read more

Non-Movement Alarm

This customizable alarm is triggered when the device does not perceive any movement of the user for a set period of time. It can be used for the elderly but also for isolated workers. Read more

Downtime Alarm

It is a function that requires the interaction of the user when the device is inactive for a certain time and requires the direct pressing of a button. Timing and the alarm are also customizable. Read more

Call with a Prerecorded Message

NeosGuard Plus directly contacts the desired people who will receive a distress call containing a standard pre-recorded message or customized one on the customer’s request. Read more


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What is the Neosguard Plus Man Down Device?

It is a revolutionary latest generation satellite locator which contains all the functions for the safety and protection of workers.

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One device, multiple uses!

Professional world

Ideal for all those workers who find themselves, due to the nature of the activity they carry out, operating in total solitude. Check out the features

Elderly Safety

Do you really want to make your loved ones feel safe? Have you already had negative experiences with other less reliable devices? NeosGuard Plus will not let you down! Check out the features


Do you like sports that lead you to be alone in open spaces? If you want to feel safe even in these situations, the NeosGuard Man Down device is perfect for you! Check out the features

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